What is Snackeet?

In short, it's a no-code tool for creating web stories, whether they're visual stories, surveys, or quizzes.

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At Snackeet, we aim to be the most intuitive Web Story Builder.

But if you aren't familiar with web stories, it's very likely that this raises a question:

What are Web Stories?

Since half a billion users watch Instagram stories daily, maybe you're already familiar with this form of content.

Basically, you click on a rounded widget at the top of the app and let yourself be carried by a succession of vertical tappable pages mixing videos, images, textual elements, and a call to action.

Web Stories rely on the same basis but present some differences. Web Stories allow content creators to have complete liberty in designing user experience and flow based on HTML, meaning available anywhere on the web.

Why are Web Stories important for my website?

Well, let's look at some stats.

  • 31% of social media users said they plan to increase their use of stories in the future to be in contact with brands they value ;

  • 62% of them said they were interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories ;

  • 86% of users watching brand content using the story format watch it entirely.

In other words, a web story lets you:

  • Deliver content in the way your visitors want it to be delivered ;

  • Improve your brand and product awareness ;

  • Considerably increase the reach of the message you want to deliver.

From these insights, you can see how much value embedding a web story into your website can bring it.


What are “stories”?

  • They are a vertical format of interactive content that become popular on Instagram and later Facebook.

  • We bring this kind of design into a broader range, with several interactive options and great ways to analyze the information collected.

  • These range from surveys, quizzes, forms, and much more, only in a more visually attractive and interactive manner.

Where do Web stories work?

  • These stories can be shared as a link or embedded in an iframe or a widget, and you can display them in different ways.

  • It’s really up to you on how you wish to better present them to your audience and how they can better interact with it.

  • In your workflow, they can work as a valuable tool for collecting relevant information and data from your users in a way that is more attractive to them than simple text-only forms and surveys, for example.

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