To add a text to a web story's page, click on Text in the elements toolbar on the right of the editing zone.

Once the text box is added, you can modify the text by double-clicking it.

You can find other editing options in the texts' editing pane, on the right side of the builder. From there, you can:

  • Choose a font.

  • Change the text's size.

  • Add a line spacing.

  • Change the text's color or the box's background color.

  • Add styling to the texts (bold, italic, underlined, or strikethrough).

  • Modify the horizontal and vertical alignments.

  • Add Vertical and horizontal padding.

  • Choose an effect for the text.

This pane also allows you to:

  • Change the position & size of the text's box.

  • Rotate the text's box.

  • Change the opacity of the text.

  • Add a border with a personalized color, size, and radius (which is the rounding).

  • Add animations to the text.

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