To add an image or a GIF to a web story's page, click on Image in the elements toolbar on the right of the editing zone.

To add an image or a GIF, you can either import it from your Gallery, choose one from Pexel's bank, add a GIF from Giphy's bank or use a link.

  • To import it, Upload your image. If you have already imported images or GIFs and wish to reuse them, simply click on them.

  • You can also use Pexel to add an image. Click on the Pexel tab, make a search and click on the chosen image to add it to your web story's page.

  • Or you can use Giphy to add a GIF. Click on the GIF tab, make a search, and click on the chosen GIF to add it to your web story's page.

  • There is also the search bar in the Link section where you can paste the URL of the image or GIF in it.

To edit the added image or GIF, use the images' editing pane on the right side of the builder. This pane allows you to:

  • Change the proportions of the image or GIF.

Original will keep the original dimensions of the imported image or GIF.
Contain will keep the whole image or GIF in the selection box.
Cover will cover the image box with the image or GIF. With Cover, some parts of the images might not appear in the box as its goal is to cover it.

  • Rotate the image or GIF.

  • Change the image's or GIF's opacity.

  • Add a border with a personalized color, size, and radius (which is the rounding).

  • Add animations to the image or GIF.

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