⚠️ Disclaimer: Snackeet does not create any social network compatible stories. Snackeet does not automatically post on social networks either.

Snackeet’s Web stories are basically websites with social network stories design. It has many more features.

To share your web story, open the web story you want to monitor in the builder. Then, click on SHARE, in the top right corner of the interface.

  • Then, add a description to the link if needed

  • You can also assign variables in the URL (you can choose a default variable or add a custom one).

  • Then, you can just copy your web story's link by clicking on COPY (or by manually selecting the URL and pressing Ctrl or Cmd + C, but it's less convenient).

And paste it anywhere you want!

⚠️ You can also custom the shared link but this feature is only available for some plans. You can always upgrade your pricing plan to have access to this feature.

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