To add choices/buttons to your web story, open it in the builder. Then, add a new page to your story and select Button in the toolbox.

You can edit your choices/buttons using the editing pane on the right side of the builder. From there, you can:

1. Set up your choices/buttons' fields

  • Choose if the answer is required by the user or not.

  • Choose if a user can select multiples choices or not.

  • Fill in the indication shown to the user before he completes the form.

  • Select the redirection page for each choice.

  • Use the ADD A CHOICE button to add more choices.

  • Erase choices if you want.

2. Customize your choices/buttons' fields

  • Select the state of the choices/buttons' fields to edit their aspect when they're selected or unselected by the user.

  • Change the indication text's color, style, and size.

  • Modify your fields' color.

  • Add a border with a personalized color, size, and radius (which is the rounding).

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