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How to add/edit answers choices/buttons (Classic Webstory)
How to add/edit answers choices/buttons (Classic Webstory)
How can I add and edit choices/buttons in my web stories?
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First, We recommend creating buttons this way, it has many optimized features.

If you really need it, You can create your own buttons using text blocks and "on click" redirection:

To add choices/buttons to your web story, open it in the builder. Then, add a new page to your story and select between "text only" or "image+text) in the toolbox.

You can edit your choices/buttons using the editing pane on the right side of the builder. From there, you can:

1. Set up your choices/buttons' fields

  • Choose if the answer is required by the user or not.

  • Choose if a user can write his own response (other answers) or select multiples choices.

  • Add an emoji as a reward for the correct answer.

  • You can also add a text + image type of response.

  • Add variables to the buttons.

  • You can Add a choice/button

  • Reorder (drag it with your cursor), or modify or Erase choices if you want.

  • Fill in the different answers shown to the user.

  • Select the redirection page for each choice.

  • Add an emoji on click

Customize your choices/buttons' fields

  • Choose the button shape.

  • Change the font.

  • Change the indication text's color, style, and size.

  • You can make the text bold or underline it.

  • Add a border with a personalized color, size, and corner.

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