In this article, we will apply conditional logic to a quiz to illustrate. But you can use conditional logic for every type of page.

To add a display condition, you need to:

  • Firstly, assign a variable to the answers block of a page.

  • Then, add a new page and customize it as you wish. After that, click on " page settings " at the top right to "set up a condition" for the display page.

  • Click on " + condition " to add a rule (or you can create a group to add several conditions using AND or OR operators).

  • Choose a variable and choose the associated rule (for this example, we have chosen " == is equal to"). Then, choose the answer which is going to redirect the user to the associated page and click on " confirm ".

  • You can also choose a page to which the user will be redirected if he does not answer before the end of the set timer.

From the page settings you can:

  • Activate or deactivate the display condition,

  • Make changes to the display condition,

  • Redirect to another page,

  • Add a page animation.

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