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In this article, we will explain to you some words that may help you understand better the platform.

What are "Stories"?

  • They are a vertical format of interactive content that become popular on Instagram and later Facebook.

  • We bring this kind of design into a broader range, with several interactive options and great ways to analyze the information collected through.

  • These range from surveys, quizzes, forms, and much more, only in a more visually attractive and interactive manner.

What is an organization?

  • Each time an account is created, it is associated with an organization. In the organization, we find all the workspaces. You can only have one organization per account.

What are Workspaces and how to use them?

  • It's the full sum of workspaces and stories that you have. Stories can be stored in different workspaces within the organization, and members from the organization can be assigned permissions to specific workspaces, for example.

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