Multiple Selection
How can I select multiple elements together?
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You can select multiple elements and group them together as one and only element bloc. To do so, open the Web story you want in the builder.

You have two ways to select multiple elements together:

  1. Click and drag (at the same time) all the elements you want to group and then you will see the outline of the selection appear.

  2. Press Shift + click on the elements you want to select.

By selecting multiple elements, you will be able to :

  • Duplicate the group,

  • Delete it,

  • Rotate it or

  • Resize it.

You can also use the settings panel on the right side of the builder to:

  • Align the selected elements vertically or horizontally,

  • Change the opacity of the selected elements,

  • Flip it horizontally or vertically,

  • Add a border and edit: the color, size and radius of it,

  • Add animation and set up: Delay before appearance, Animation length & delay.

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