DISCLAIMER: Snackeet stories are not based on the Google AMP stories technology.

They are mini Websites with the same format as the instagram story that you can customize.

Why did we make this choice?

  • SVG are not accepted by the Google AMP stories.

  • Every Webstories that use AMP technology must have a guiding thread from one page to another.

  • We cant use Google AMP stories as a teaser to a content on another platform.

To sum up:

Google Webstories have their own limits:

  • We can't use conditional logic depending on the users responses.

  • We can't upload files

Generally speaking, we wanted to give you the best solution that can matches with your needs: boost your engagement rate, generate more qualified leads, recruitment tool, e-commerce, get more feedback.

Are we going to allow the creation of google AMP stories?

YES! in the near future for specific cases related to media and people who would like to use the AMP technology having taken into account all the pros and cons.

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