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How can I use Snackeet for my business?
How can I use Snackeet for my business?
Find out how Snackeet can be used for your business.
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These are how you can use Snackeet depending on your type of business:

Marketing team

Use Snackeet to catch more qualified leads with an interactive Webstory (create and design a quiz, a story, or a survey) that you can share in your email marketing, or directly on your website as an Iframe.


Sell your products faster by:

  • Using our product tag: redirect your users with a link to your e-shop.

  • Using conditional logic: display specific pages based on your users' answers.

Learn more about:


You can use our calendar integration into your story:

  • Set up a meeting in one click and

  • Interview relevant candidates.

Learn more about:

Customer service

  • Use Snackeet to build NPS & satisfaction survey:


You can create online tests through customizable quizzes while making education more fun for your students.

⚠️ Disclaimer: Snackeet does not create any social network compatible stories. Snackeet does not automatically post on social networks either.

Snackeet’s Web stories are basically websites with social network stories design. It has many more features.

Learn how to:

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