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How to add/edit the Quiz buttons?
How to add/edit the Quiz buttons?
How can I add or edit my quiz buttons?
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To add answers to your quiz, open it in the builder. Then, add a new page to your story and select one of the buttons fields in the toolbox.

  • You can choose to count the answer in the final results or not: this is an option to allow the quiz creator to create a page of explanations if the user gets the wrong answer and to let him/her choose to "confirm" that he/she has understood the answer without counting it in the results page.

  • You can choose to display live results after click or not

  • Choose if it's a required answer.

  • Allow multiple selections (on answers)

  • Reward correct answers with emojis.

  • You can choose the type of answer/button choice: only text or image + text

  • Assign variables.

  • Fill in the indication shown to the user.

  • Select the redirection page for each choice.

  • Select if it's the correct answer or not.

  • If it's an image + text button, you can edit it by clicking on the little pencil or you can crop the image.

  • You can select an image from your library or from a link, Pexels' bank images, or even add a GIF.

  • Use the ADD A CHOICE button to add more choices.

  • Reorder or Erase choices if you want.

2. Customize your answers/buttons' fields (TEXT ONLY)

  • Select the button's shape.

  • Change the font.

  • Change the indication text's color, style, and size.

  • Modify your fields' color.

  • Add a border with a personalized color, size, and corner.

  • If it's a TEXT + IMAGE answer, you can only change its border (color, size, and corner).

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