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Create a personality test quiz A to Z
Create a personality test quiz A to Z

How to create a personality test?

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⚠️ In this article, we will explain how to create a personality quiz using 3 questions and 2 possible outcomes as an example.

You first need to choose the "Quiz" story type.

STEP 1 : You will have to create all of the questions AND outcomes for your users first and then you will have to set up the calculation points for every answer.

This is what your personality test could look like for example:

First question:

Second question:

Third question:

👉 Before you publish your story, don't forget to turn off the "Count this answer in final results" because this is not a quiz with good and wrong answers.

One possible outcome:

Another possible outcome:

STEP 2: Now that you have all of the questions and outcomes of your personality test, you will need to create new variables for every outcome.

To do so, go on a page of your story,

  • Click on Animation & logics

  • Then, click on Create/delete variables

  • Enter a name for your variable,

  • Choose the type of variable: Text, number, or date ( ⚠️⚠️⚠️ to create a personality test quiz, choose "Number"),

  • Click on Create.

STEP 3 : Once you have created all of the variables needed, you will have to set up the advanced logic and calculations for variables in order to redirect the user to a specific outcome page.

⚠️ All calculations and actions will be executed when the user leaves the current page and go forward.

To do so, go on the first question page:

  1. Click on "Animation & logics" and click on "Setup advanced logic".

2. Click on "ADD NEW LOGIC" and then, [IF] Click on " + Condition " to add a line with a condition. You can even create groups of conditions.

3. Choose "Question 1" (the name of the first question's page), [IS] choose the first answer on the list you've created.

4. [THEN] Click on "Add new action".

  • Choose the numerical operation you want to execute: add, subtract, divide, etc.

  • Select "enter a number" and add the number into the field.

  • [TO] Select the variable desired, here we will choose "Role-models".

  • And then, click on "Confirm".

Now that you know how to add calculations using advanced logic, you just have to apply it to them for all the other answers to the different questions.

STEP 4 : Redirect to the correct outcome

Go on the last page, just before all our outcome pages

To set up the redirection pages, click on "ADD NEW LOGIC":

  • Click on +condition,

  • Choose the variable in the list below,

  • Select "Is the greatest in" (or another one on the list) and then choose all the variables to which the result must be greater.

[THEN] Click on "Add new action".

  • Choose "redirect" and select the page you want the user to be redirected to.

  • Then, click on confirm.

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