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How to set up your story widget banner
How to set up your story widget banner
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Once installed on your website, this banner will grab your visitors' attention, increase the retention rate and reduce the bounce rate. You can highlight products, and promotions, get more feedback, and much more.

1 - Go in "Widgets" and create a new widget on the top right

2 - Add all the stories that you want to it

3 - Customize the appearance and size according to the device.

4 - Choose where you want it to be displayed.

You have 2 options :

1 ) INLINE: You add the script inline, where you need it on your website, in a HTLM block for example.

2) CUSTOM: You add tour script using google tag manager (GTM) for example. You will need in that case to place it using a DIV's ID. It basically represents the name a hltm block. Ask for the support team if you need help.

5 - Copy the script and paste it into your website.

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