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How can I add a spinning wheel in my Web story?
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To add a spinning wheel in your web story,

  1. Create a new page or add a question block to an existing one

2. Under the category "Games", select "Prizes wheel" then on the button "CHOOSE IT πŸ‘"

3. Choose a template or do it from scratch.

4. Click on the spinning wheel and click on the pencil icon to edit the text and set up the chances on the right panel. You can also delete an option by clicking on the trash can icon.

You can also add a code in the field editor

Code : Will be displayed on the winning screen

Losing option: if this option is enabled and the wheel ends on it, the user will be redirected on the "Lose screen."

6. Change the color of the wheel by clicking on the palette icon on the right panel.

You can also choose if you want the text to be perpendicular or not.

7. Customize the winning, losing page, or the form by selecting one of them.

These screens are displayed after spinning the wheel

Form : The form will be displayed first if enabled

Win window : will always appear except if the other option is set as a losing option

Lose window : will appear in any other can

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