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Schedule end of story forms!
Schedule end of story forms!
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This feature allows you to set a specific start and end date for your forms, ensuring that they are only available to be filled out during the designated time frame. This is perfect for time-sensitive forms or games, such as event registration or survey responses. With this feature, you can easily control the availability of your forms and ensure that you are only receiving relevant responses.

⚠️ TIPS: You can use this feature to display a splash screen before the start date. You just need to set a date in the past.

When you are ready to activate the form, be sure to either turn off the splash screen or update the expiration date.

1- Go under Setup > Activation > SET A SHEDULE

2 - From that point, it should be self-explanatory. Just set everything your need.

4 - Test it AND don't forget to publish.

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