To integrate your web story, open it in the builder. Then, click on SHARE, in the top right corner of the interface.

Select Integrate into your website on the left side.

You can now choose your integration options.

1. Select the desired display mode.


  • Full: The web story will take all the space of the chosen container.

  • Embedded: The web story is embedded in your web page in full width and 600 pixels in height.

  • Widget: The web story appears once a user clicks on the widget.

2. Set up the appearance of your widget


  • Choosing the widget's shape.

  • Determining its position.

  • Typing its text.

  • Uploading its icon.

3. Complete the domain whitelist

For your web story to be displayed on a website, you have to type the website's domain and add it to the whitelist by clicking on the corresponding button.

4. Integrate your web story

Copy the code and paste it in the <body> section of the page to display your web story on the chosen page.

You can also integrate your web story in an email. For that, select Share with an email on the left side of the interface.

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