To integrate your web story, open it in the builder. Then, click on SHARE, at the top right of the interface.

Select Share with a widget on the left side.

1. Select the desired position of the widget.

You can place it:

  • At the bottom left.

  • At the bottom right.

2. Add a text in the bubble

Write a few words to catch your public's attention.

3. Set up the icon of your widget

  • You can choose our icon or

  • You can click on Customize to upload an image (from your gallery, Pexels, Giphy, link) or video (from your gallery, Pexels, or with a link).

From the widget Icon settings, you can:

  • Change the size of the widget in the desktop version or the mobile version,

  • Adjust the border and its color.

4. Choose how it appears and when

  • Choose whether or not you want a fullscreen opening for your widget

You can add a delay before it automatically opens

5. Complete the domain whitelist

For your web story to be displayed on a website, you have to type the website's domain and add it to the whitelist by clicking on the corresponding button.

6. Integrate your web story

Copy the code and paste it into the <body> section of the page to display your web story on the chosen page.

You can also integrate your web story into an email. For that, select Share with an email on the left side of the interface.

7. Widget Commands

Whenever a Snackeet Widget is embedded on your website, you have access to commands to automatically trigger actions.
You can use these commands:

PS: you can go to our Website to see an example of what your widget can look like.

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