To add a form to your web story, open it in the builder. Then, add a new page to your story and select Form in the toolbox.

You can edit your forms using the editing pane on the right side of the builder. From there, you can:

1. Set up your forms' fields

  • Fill in the indication shown to the user before he completes the form.

  • Select the type of information the field will collect.

  • Precise if the filling of the field is required or not.

  • Modify error messages shown to the user when he clicks on the button without having filled a required field or when the filled information isn't in the right form (an email address without the @ for example).

2. Customize your forms' fields

  • Change the indication text's color, style, and size.

  • Modify your fields' color.

  • Add a border with a personalized color, size, and radius (which is the rounding).

To comply with the GDPR law, you can add a consent checkbox in the GDPR consent section of the form editing panel. We added a sample GDPR consent modal, but you can customize it to your liking.

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