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Invite new members to your organization
Invite new members to your organization

How can I invite new members to work on the same organization?

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To invite new members to your organization, click on Profile at the bottom left and click on " Manage your current organization " (the first one on the list).

When the settings page appears, click on " Members management " on the left side of the panel.

  • Click on " + invite new member "

  • Enter the member's email

  • Select his role: agent or admin.

  • Click on " confirm " to send the invitation

An agent: AGENT can only access authorized WORKSPACES and can manage STORIES in those WORKSPACES.

An admin: the admin is allowed to manage user permissions and restrict access to specific workspaces.

You can follow the status of the invitation sent by clicking on the "invitations" tab. From here, you can also remove the invited person.

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